note from conference call 8th April

Hi, I was just on the phone with Jackie, Kim, Regina and Marie from Tacloban. I made a note from the phone call briefly, so if you have anything to add here please feel free!


People are going back to daily life routines, stores start to open in city. However some stores took an advantage of the situation so price were high at some point. Currently prices are as usual but not everything is provided yet.

Also still relief work is being done so people get materials for rebuilding house (people rebuild houses themselves!) and medicines.

UN’s cleaning works are still going on, cleaning out debris as well as finding dead bodies. The decay of bodies are severe so it’s hard to identify. So it will take more time to match up people. Probably there will be many people won’t be found either.

There is no jobs for many people. Some temporarily short-term works are offered by NGO but not long-term jobs

Many people are in fear of getting another disaster whenever storm comes (they get many storms). They are in a great need of strong shelter (houses) for each families.

In terms of information deliberate, there is no official way has been established, people just show up at Barangay center and most of information distributed at Barangay level. (it’s small and manageable, traditional way of distributing information)

One of radio station is on now but others are still off, no news papers yet.

People lost important documentation for getting a job such as certifications, city also lost most of the documents, so takes 3 weeks to 3 months of time expected to recover the documents if people want to apply a job (professional) outside of their city. Meanwhile, people work anywhere to make a living.




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