United Nations Strategic Response Plan

Last December the United Nations published a Strategic Response plan in which they required $791 million dollars in order to help 7 million victims affected by the typhoon that hit Philippines.  The plan outlines the main goals that the United Nations and the Philippines government have come up with to help with the typhoon relief.

I thought it was very interesting to read that at almost at the end of the plan it states: “Throughout the response, international humanitarian efforts will recognize that affected communities have a right to be involved in decisions that affect them and that they need information about programmes that exist to support them.”

This clearly states that it is very important that the communities agree with everything that is being done and are involved in the decision making for the relief program.

Link to the UN Strategic Response Plan:




One comment

  1. Kimberly Tate

    This is a great find, Adriana. Surely the UN has a monitoring/accountability method for ensuring their goals are carried through. Can you find information on how they would ensure that communities are involved in such decisions?

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